Something For Me I know you have something for me And you want to show me what it is Yet you can’t find a way to show it to me Because I have created in my heart A dark and cold place Where my own sinful natures have taken over And you were pushed to the side As I go through my heart I find it very hard to see Straining my eyes in the darkness I pull out one by one All the things causing this very darkness And as they get thrown to the side Little by little I began to see When they have all disappeared I realized I still couldn’t see for something was missing A piece of string catches my attention I pull on it to find out what it was But all it did was made a light outside my heart shine Then I saw you, standing there That was when I saw what you had for me I opened my heart to let you in And in a great glorious moment The light inside my heart Shone brighter then before The Poetry Of SMV